Forever Touch A Keepsake to Cherish Forever
Forever Touch personalized fingerprint keepsakes.

The Designer

Virgil Amaral, Master Bench Jeweler I have found my passion.

As a Classically Trained Jeweler, I learned the Art and Time-honored methods of Fine Jewelry making and continue to practice them today.

In the shaping and sculpting of fingerprint impressions, however, I put aside these methods and rules to allow the beauty and uniqueness of each impression to unfold. My mission is to stay true to the fingerprint impression because it is the most significant part of the piece.

My passion is to bring out the visual energy of each individual impression and craft that impression into wearable art. When completed, the piece has a natural energy that pleases the eye and generates a sense of well-being.

I experience pleasure from not only what I have created but also from linking loved ones through the very essence of their touch.

Forever Touch paw print keepsakes

Forever Touch® Paw Prints

When a Forever Touch client discovered that her family pet of many years had become extremely ill, she asked me to reproduce her pet's paw print as a remembrance of a beloved companion.

After experimenting with several metals I chose bronze because it captured the rich texture and warm tones of the paw print.

As the Forever Touch designer, my unending challenge is to transform every print into an authentic, sculpted design.

Handcrafted paw print jewelry

Our pets bring joy, humor, comfort and unconditional love to our lives. What better way to celebrate the extraordinary bond we have with our pets than to have an authentic paw print impression, beautifully crafted in solid bronze.

Forever Touch Paw Print is a handcrafted, custom collectable of your pet's paw pad, made with care and respect, while always keeping in mind the spirit of your pet. This will be a unique work of art for your home or office and a touching remembrance of a devoted companion.

Handcrafted paw print jewelry

"On the day of my beloved Casey's passing, an imprint was made of his paw print. I cannot thank you enough for your compassion and understanding at a most difficult time.

My Forever Touch remembrance will always be treasured by my family. Words cannot express my deep appreciation to you. Thank you again!"

Michelle R. - Coventry, RI